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The North Dakota DeLorme Challenge

As many of you may have noticed the North Dakota Delorme Challenge cache, GC1D5D3, has been archived and a new NDDC cache, GC32NZD, has been created to replace the old one.

The reason for archiving GC1D5D3 is due to the lack of response from the cache owner. The way the cache was set up required those who completed the requirements to e-mail the cache owner for the final coordinates. People were becoming frustrated while waiting several weeks without a response. After a couple months of no response from the cache owner the cache was deemed abandoned and then archived.

We know the cache owners of GC1D5D3 are in the United States Air Force and stationed out of state. There is some concern for their wellbeing since no one is able to get in contact with them. Please keep Totem Clan in your thoughts and prayers.

People who completed the original NDDC get to hang on to their bragging rights. Their accomplishments will be documented on the new NDDC cache page as well as on the NDGCA website. If you completed the old challenge you can complete the new one as well for another smiley. You can use the same caches you used for GC1D5D3 for GC32NZD but you still have to meet all the requirements and provide a list of your completed caches.

There are some new changes with the new NDDC cache that had to be made in order to prevent issue’s like this one happening again. Some of the differences are:

  • The cache is now at the posted coordinates so there is no need to wait for someone to get back to you with the final coordinates after you have fulfilled the requirements.

  • Fifty-seven, instead of fifty-six, caches are now required before completing the challenge. Before you only needed one cache from page 53 and we require a cache from map 53a and map 53b.

  • Event caches, CITO caches, virtual caches, earth caches, temporary event caches, or "moving caches" DO NOT count as finds for this challenge.
  • If you have not completed the North Dakota Delorme Challenge, we highly recommend it. You will be amazed at all the wonderful things you will see and learn.