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Attention all current NDGCA members

Please take a few minutes to review the revised bylaws.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding these proposed bylaw changes, you can address them by sending an email to the NDGCA Board of Directors at board@ndgca.org. The deadline for comments is 5:00PM CST, April 25, 2024. All correspondence regarding these bylaws must be submitted by email so there is an official record and that all board members receive the message. Facebook comments regarding these proposed bylaw changes will not be considered.

The board will convene to discuss any and all comments received from the membership and either vote to ratify these new by-laws by individual article on Thursday, April 25, 2024 at 7:00PM CST after the seven day comment period closes. Any material changes suggested and agreed upon by the majority of the board will require a new seven day membership comment period for those individual articles affected and the ratification process will repeat. The board reserves the right to reject any and all suggested changes proposed by the membership if the board feels it counters the mission of or is detrimental to the functioning of the NDGCA.

Thank you,
The NDGCA Board of Directors

2024 North Dakota Geocaching Association
14th Annual Camping and Caching Event
June 21st, 22nd, and 23rd
Jamestown, ND

April 7, 2024 Update

The Friday evening Meet and Greet event (GCAKQ38) has been published.
The Saturday night Campfire event (GCAKQ3D) has been published.

February 18, 2024 Update

The Camping and Caching event (GCAKQ39) has been published.
The secondary events will be published March 23rd or after per the geocaching.com event posting guidelines.

January 27, 2024 Update

Event venue confirmed, look for the main and secondary events to be published soon.

January 14, 2024 Update

Pathtags for the event have been ordered.

January 8, 2024 Update

There are several campgounds in and around Jamestown that can provide full hookups with power, water, and sewer along with several primitive camp grounds. Check Jamestown Tourism for a complete list.

The online registration system is now open for the two campgrounds that are on the Jamestown Reservoir. Lakeside Campground (map), is located 2 miles north on ND HWY 20 on the east side of the reservoir and Lazy Fish Campground at Pelican Point (map) is located 6 miles north on US HWY 52/281 on the west side of the reservoir.

Reservation system for Lazy Fish of Pelican Point.

Reservation system for Lakeside Campground.

Parkhurst Campground (map) is a primative campground located at Pipestem Lake about 4 miles north of Jamestown on HWY 52/281. It has parking for RVs along with tent spaces. Call 701-252-7666 to make reservations.

Lakeside Campground is the closest campground to town where the various C&C events will be taking place. Once we confirm the reservation for our chosen location (not a campgound), we will post it and create the event on Geocaching.com.

We (N0SND) encourage everyone to make their camping reservations as soon as possible as the campgrounds around the reservoir in Jamestown fill up fast, especially during June into early July as we are competing for camping spaces with the Fort Seward Wagon Train, plus all the people who come to fish on the reservoirs.

Continue to watch this space for more information as we get closer to the event.

North Dakota State Parks
12 Months - 12 Hikes Challenge Event Caches
January 1, 2024 - December 31, 2024

For the fourth year, the North Dakota Park & Recreation Department (NDPRD) has issued a statewide “12 Months – 12 Hikes” Challenge. To participate, just pick and hike one of the qualifying trails in one of the 14 participating state parks and recreation areas. You have the entire month to complete a hike. You can complete your hikes all in one park or explore any of 14 locations across the state.

New this year: the challenge is going mobile! There will be a fresh hiking challenge every season (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) of 2024 through the new North Dakota State Park mobile app. Make it your goal to hike at least three trails each season. Download the OuterSpatial app from the Apple Store or Google Play

The North Dakota Geocaching Association (NDGCA) would like to help everyone complete the hiking challenge. To do this, we will be hosting an event in a different state park each month so we can get together with other geocachers. 

Note: You only need to download OuterSpatial app if you want to participate in the NDPRD challenge and be elgible for NRPRD prizes.

Event locations and dates are subject to change.

2024 Upcoming Events:
April 27 - GCAN7TB - Sully Creek State Park (Host: Alida H. - i.findit)
May ? - Event TBD - Lake Metigoshe State Park (Host: Jim S. MinotRanger)
June 22? - Event TBD - Fort Ransom State Park (Host: TBD)
July ? - Event TBD - Icelandic State Park (Host: Chad T. - Trycacheus)
August ? - Event TBD - Beaver Lake State Park (Host: Jay T. - Eyeinthesky)
September ? - Event TBD - Turtle River State Park (Host: Chat T. - Trycacheus)
October ? - Event TBD - Fort Abraham Lincoln (Host: Mandy G. - GillFam)
November ? - Event TBD - Location TBD (Host: TBD)
December ? - Event TBD - Fort Stevenson (Host: Amy Z. - gloworm77)

2024 Past Events:
January 28 - Event GCAJD5B - Lake Sakakawea State Park (Host: Amy Z. - gloworm77)
February 17 - Event GCAJD5Q - Cross Ranch State Park (Host: Phyllis - butterfly_77)
March 16 - Event GCAJKZ3 - Lewis and Clark State Park (Host: Angie W. - Jangie)
March 17 - Event GCAKY4Q - Fort Stevenson State Park (Host: Rose B. - AdventuringRose)